Naso CC Mobile

 Naso CC Mobile is an extension of Naso CC for Android based phones. It allows to process all calls from mobile phone (call info + call recording) and when there is a network connection (mobile or Wi-fi) sends it immediatly to Naso CC Server.
 You dont need to wait for your mobile operator for monthly billings to verify calls, you have more call details as you have list of all calls (both incoming and outgoing) and not only answered calls from operator’s billing, but also all missed calls.

 It’s also possible to record all calls.So no matter how you contact with your clients (PBX extensions or mobile) you can record your calls.

 Software is working as a background service on Android phone so there is no need to perform any special actions to save call information - all is done automaticly in a background.

Calls information

 Naso CC Mobile monitors mobile phone and store all information about performed calls for both incoming and outgoing calls. Call information include date & time of a call, phone number, call direction, call status (answered / missed), call duration, answer time.

Calls recording

 Naso CC Mobile allows to record calls. This function depends on phone hardware. Please be aware that for some phones call recording of incoming voice is disabled by manufacturers. It’s necessary to test this functionality with specified hardware type.
 All calls recording are stored in compressed format and after sending to Naso CC Server they are deleted from mobile phone. On a server all calls are stored in compressed and encrypted format.

Calls statistics in one place

 Supervisor’s application allow to view calls history and call recording from both PBX extensions and mobile phones. You have overview of phone contacts with your customers no matter if you use your desk phone in the office or use your mobile phone on a business trip. Call history of a client include all contacts from all sources.
 All call recordings are availible no matter if call was done via PBX extension or mobile phone.


Area of usage for Naso CC Mobile
Naso CC  is used in many different ways by many businesses including:
Customers Service Departments
Sales Teams (especialy Field sales)
Contact Center /Call Center
Company Management

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